Start the Social Security Conversation Anywhere

Exclusively from Senior Market Sales®

Quickly show the importance of the claiming decision. 

The mobile Social Security calculator — exclusively through Senior Market Sales, powered by Social Security Timing® — allows you to show a client or potential client in seconds what’s at stake for them when electing Social Security.

Step 1: Enter your email address to gain access to the calculator and create your account.

Step 2: Choose the prospect's status. (The software can calculate claiming strategies for couples or for single, widowed or divorced individuals.)

Step 3: Enter the prospect's birthday, estimated Social Security benefits at full retirement age and estimated expected life expectancy.

Step 4: Show the client what’s at stake: the difference between the worst claiming decision he or she could make and the best. (This is tangible value you can add as an advisor.)

Step 5: Show the prospect the detailed filing instructions for the recommended strategy.

Step 6: Save the calculation so that the new prospect's information is in your smartphone. The mobile calculator will sync with your office computer, so the prospect's information will be waiting for you back at the office.


How to use the mobile calculator

What Advisors Say 

“Thanks to you, (I landed) another million-dollar client. This has exposed me to more $500K to $2M clients than anything.”

— Social Security Timing® software subscriber

“Because of Social Security marketing, we’ve closed several clients we would have never closed.”

— Social Security Timing® software subscriber